Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Issues regarding Viridescent Dragon: Chapter 2

Hello, guys!

It appears I may have overlooked a few issues within this game. Besides the occasional typos, there is a character whose name is still "???" even though the character’s name has been already revealed at some point. There is also a scene where the main character, Charlotte, appears in front of the text box instead of behind it, obscuring some of the text. I know that several of you have downloaded this game already and I am not sure how to just treat any of these future fixes as an update. Only if you want to you can download the newer version once I fix everything, you may.

Here’s what you should know if you do not want to re-download the game:

For the character with the "???" name, you should know the name, and as for the obscured text, you can read anything you missed with the log button. Other than those issues there is no other problem that renders the game unplayable.

Thank you very much, those of you who have supported my visual novel!

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